The 2nd Generation Strategy

 What is the Second Generation Strategy?

VCH is implementing the next generation of health services for Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside neighbourhood through the Downtown Eastside 2nd Generation Strategy.

The goals of the Strategy are to improve the quality of life of and overall health of people who live in the Downtown Eastside.

These goals will be achieved through five approaches:

  • Strengthening our relationships with community partners in the neighbourhood
  • Expanding care teams and skill sets
  • Integrating health services to better coordinate care for clients
  • Aligning services with client demand
  • Achieving performance excellence

The Downtown Eastside 2nd Generation Strategy Design Paper describes these approaches in detail.

The Women’s Health and Safety in the Downtown Eastside is a companion to the Design Paper. It highlights the urgent need to improve health care for the diverse populations of women in the neighbourhood, identifies the key issues around the health needs of women in the community, and specific actions to address those issues.

What informed the Strategy?

The 2nd Generation Strategy was developed through a broad consultation with Downtown Eastside community members, community partners, VCH staff and agencies to find out how services could be improved on the DTES. More than 65 ideas were submitted through our “Invitation to Innovate” process.

The findings from these engagements are all below: