Peers in all health services

Throughout the consultation that informed the Second Generation Strategy, we heard the recommendation that VCH should have Peers embedded within our health teams. We currently have 7 peers in programs throughout the DTES. They have helped us achieve a number of our Second Generation goals, including:

  1. Reducing barriers to services by providing a more welcoming, safe and culturally responsive health care experience;
  2. Strengthening client attachment to care and the likelihood of clients seeking care when they need it;
  3. Building capacity of clinical teams towards an increasingly client-centered approach;
  4. Exemplifying hope for marginalized clients and a recovery orientation (not to be confused with sobriety) where everyone is supported to reach their full potential, and;
  5. Creating opportunities for employment for people with lived experience.

Click here to read our DTES Peer Framework and learn more about the VCH approach to working alongside Peers: VCH_DTES_Peer_Framework_FINAL_DIGITAL

We would also like to thank our Peer Advisory Group for their service and advice to ensure VCH 2nd Generation initiatives would meet the needs of DTES clients and the community we serve.