Peer Advisor Readiness Tool

If you’re in the process of developing or redesigning a new space for clients, or creating a new model of care, it makes sense to get feedback from the community you serve. That was the intention of the DTES 2nd Generation Strategy when VCH set about to redesign services in the DTES. But those involved in implementing the Strategy took it one step further. Instead of just getting feedback from the community, they created the DTES Peer Reference Group. Members of the DTES Peer Reference Group were people with lived experience of the DTES who have used our services. The peers helped those designing new spaces and developing new care models for the 2nd Gen Strategy to understand what some of the needs of the community might be and how we could improve services. The DTES 2nd Generation Strategy Peer Reference Group was evaluated – with the peers – and a Peer Advisor Readiness Tool was created. The tool is very practical and gives people concrete tips on the steps they need to take to bring peer advisors onto their projects. If you have any questions, please contact Rachael McKendry, Project Manager, Sue Macdonald, Coordinator, Consumer Involvement and Initiatives, or Monica Coll, Coordinator, Peer Programs

Click here to download a copy of the tool.