Guiding Documents

The Second Generation Strategy aims to create a more coordinated system of health care in the DTES. To help us meet this objective we have created a number of guiding documents to support a shared understanding of our vision and direction, as well as in some cases, a plan of how we are going to get there. They are informing initiatives that are at various phases, from planning to complete. Please peruse and send any questions or comments to:

The DTES Theory of Change maps out how the goals of the 2nd Generation Strategy will be achieved.

FAQ about Integrated Health Services and the changes coming to 330 Heatley St. (Heatley/Strathcona Health Center).

Women’s Health and Safety Companion Paper.

DTES Peer Framework.

DTES Washroom Design and Use Recommendations.

DTES Food Framework

VCH Food Standards

VCH Food Standards 1-pager.

VCH DTES Women’s Strategy Paper

VCH DTES Women’s Strategy Infographic